Welcome to the Online Parenting Class! On this page, you’ll find a vast library of pre-written emails, videos, scripts, and social media swag. We help you create a digital experience for the busy parent.

Each four-to-five minute video focuses on "pain points," so you can encourage parents. We upload every month, so make sure to check back in!

A quick look at HOW each month works:
Email #1 - The first email each month will set up the topic you will cover with your parents. It is written for you and fully customizable. Simply add your two cents, copy, paste, and send.

Email #2 - The second email will take the discussion deeper with a broader discussion of the topic for that month.

Videos and Video Scripts - When we create videos as a part of the online parenting class we will make them available to you. We also include the video scripts in case you want to make your own video.

Tweets - Each month we also include tweets for you to send the parents in your ministry to encourage them.